Personal Chef Breana Greene Santa Cruz, CA

Breana Greene is a personal chef working in the Santa Cuz area. Breana has been cooking professionally for almost 8 years. She has been trained in the field of culinary arts and hospility management. Personal Chef Breana has a wide range of experience's that enhance her passion for cooking. From Raw food retreats to biodynamic farms, and everywhere in between. We believe in a true farm to table philosophy. If you are looking for a Personal Chef in the Santa Cruz area, give Breana a call today! Contact Breana.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

Roots foods will plan your weeks meals and confirm it with you through e-mail. Then do all the grocery shopping, either at a local market or one of our many farmers markets.

Gift Certificates and Time for yourself
Take a vacation for a week right in your own home. Time off from cooking, cleaning and shopping. Makes a great gift!

New mothers/ busy mothers
Give the gift of homemade dinners to a friend or family member. Root Foods will help the transition into parenthood just a little bit easier by preparing healthy homemade meals in the comfort of your own home.

we are also available to cook and serve private dinner parties in your home, on your farm or wherever you choose. Catering pricing is supplied separately.

Shared Service
Why not consider sharing a service? You'll both enjoy the comfort and convenience of a personal chef at half the cost! Contact us for a free assessment.

Additional Shopping
Additional grocery items can be picked up at no extra cost when the cook date ingredients are purchased.

Gift Certificates
A gift of home-cooked meals is always appreciated, and would be perfect for families celebrating a housewarming, wedding or new baby, as well as a thoughtful way to help someone through stressful times.


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