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Breana Greene is a personal chef working in the Santa Cuz area. Breana has been cooking professionally for almost 8 years. She has been trained in the field of culinary arts and hospility management. Personal Chef Breana has a wide range of experience's that enhance her passion for cooking. From Raw food retreats to biodynamic farms, and everywhere in between. We believe in a true farm to table philosophy. If you are looking for a Personal Chef in the Santa Cruz area, give Breana a call today! Contact Breana.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Farm Dinner – Sep 22, 2012 Tomato Mania Farm Dinner!

Farm Dinners Santa Cruz, CA. Each Farm Dinner is a farm chic dining experience that begins with a farm tour and ends at our bountiful farm table set amidst our gardens.  Enjoy a delicious dinner under the expansive blue sky, with a view of Monterey Bay in the distance.  Meander through the vegetable beds, led by a master farmer familiar with the care and culture of our gardens.  Together we will taste and sample the fresh ingredients that were harvested for our dinner. As you enjoy the gifts of our table, the soft breeze will drift over you with the sounds and smells of our stunning gardens and the delectable food passionately prepared for you by our Resident Chef Breana Greene of Root Foods Personal Chef and Catering.

Farm Dinner – Sep 22, 2012   Tomato Mania Farm Dinner, by Chef Breana Greene of Root Foods Personal Chef and Catering




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Farm to Table Lunch Santa Cruz By Donna Maurillo

Buzzin Honey Farm Dinner

Recently, my neighbor Sharon Schoenbeck and I enjoyed an outdoor lunch organized by Love Apple Farms co-owner Cynthia Sandberg. About 40 of us gathered at long tables on a hillside overlooking gardens and forests. It was one of those perfect Santa Cruz days where everything was buttered with sunshine and even the honeybees were in a good mood.

These festive meals are organized frequently, each with a particular theme. This time, the focus was on honey, so each course prepared by chef Breana Greene of Root Foods Catering used the ingredient in a different way. We started with a honey-drizzled fig topped with a thin wafer of manchego cheese.

Then came the parade of appetizers. Each table had a long baguette of rustic bread, which we slathered with honey butter. Platters were loaded with artisan cured olives and pickles, Spanish chorizo and coppacola from El Salchichero, montrachet cheese, herbed ricotta with ultra-thin apple slices, creamy duck liver pate, bell pepper jelly from Jeanne's Jams, honeycomb with spinach blossoms, toasted crostini, and much more.

After pausing to catch our breath, the wait staff brought out a salad of greens and roasted golden beets with lemon honey vinaigrette. That was followed by duck leg confit with roasted Brussels sprouts and root vegetables, and honey-apple gastrique. Oh, those legs! They had a delightfully golden roasty-toasty exterior and a juicy interior. Perfection on a plate!

And finally, creamy cheesecake made with goat cheese and gingersnap crust topped with honey and dried fruit. We left fat and happy.

If you're interested in these themed lunches or dinners at Love Apple Farm -- or their excellent cooking or farming classes -- visit or email The farm is on the old Smothers Brothers Winery property at 2317 Vine Hill Road, off Highway 17. The next dinner is 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, featuring mushrooms.

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We firmly believe that to be the best you need to combine delicious well presented food with extraordinary service. All dishes are cooked on-site with only premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality and possible flavor.

While reviewing Root Foods Personal Chef delicious menu recommendations, please keep in mind that this is merely a sample listing of the menu items that are available. We also offer the service of creating any dish upon request. All dinners will include baskets of local fresh baked artisan breads.
From Farm to Table, Personal Chef, Private Chef and Catering Menu's Root Foods/ Breana Greene has it all! Please contact Root Foods Personal Chef today if you have any questions about meal combination's and dish options mentioned below.

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    Roots foods will plan your weeks meals and confirm it with you through e-mail. Then do all the grocery shopping, either at a local market or one of our many farmers markets.

    Gift Certificates and Time for yourself
    Take a vacation for a week right in your own home. Time off from cooking, cleaning and shopping. Makes a great gift!

    New mothers/ busy mothers
    Give the gift of homemade dinners to a friend or family member. Root Foods will help the transition into parenthood just a little bit easier by preparing healthy homemade meals in the comfort of your own home.

    we are also available to cook and serve private dinner parties in your home, on your farm or wherever you choose. Catering pricing is supplied separately.

    Shared Service
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    Additional grocery items can be picked up at no extra cost when the cook date ingredients are purchased.

    Gift Certificates
    A gift of home-cooked meals is always appreciated, and would be perfect for families celebrating a housewarming, wedding or new baby, as well as a thoughtful way to help someone through stressful times.

    The September tomato mania dinner

    The September tomato mania dinner, created by Chef Breana Greene

    One of my favorite ways to build community is to share a table and some food. And what could be better than bonding over a locally grown meal cooked by a local chef? How about volunteering BEHIND the scenes at a farm dinner?
    Imagine getting up close and personal with the chef as she/he prepares a delicious multi-course meal for enthusiastic guests. And getting to taste everything to boot!

    I've had several opportunities to volunteer at farm-to-table events at Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz - - and in my mind, the two standouts were the 'tomato mania' and 'forest to fork fungal dinner' events held this fall.

    The September tomato mania dinner, created by Chef Breana Greene

    (, was a 'love apple' extravaganza featuring a few of my new favorite dishes: tomato bread pudding with basil cream sauce and rosemary panna cotta (outrageously good!). In the above photo, my husband, Paul, is holding another standout: sauteed Padron peppers with tomato salt (photo courtesy of Kelly Vaillancourt).

    We had a great time balancing bottles of wine and water, setting out charming tomato-themed centerpieces by ultra-talented Mee Young (farm apprentice) and fetching the family style platters from the creative hands of Breana and her team. At the end of the night, they sent us home with enough leftovers to have a full lunch with our sons the next day!

    This past weekend's 'forest to fork' dinner featured mushrooms from amuse bouche to dessert (yes, even a mushroom ice cream!). Chef Neil Marquis created so many over-the-top combinations of butter, cream, wine and mushrooms, I mentally gained a few pounds! More than anything though, it was such fun to re-bond with the farm apprentices and volunteers who come again and again.
    That, in a nutshell, is what it's all about for me: connecting with other Bay Area residents over our mutual love of gardening, food, wine and conversation. As guest, a`server or even a dishwasher, you will appreciate the effort it takes to put on such a fabulous, community-building event. I highly encourage you to check out opportunities like this or better yet, find a way to create your own!
    To my friends at Love Apple Farm: I will definitely sign up for future volunteer opportunities. (they say thank you in the nicest way, too - a $50 gift certificate towards a future class or farm dinner). And best of all, Chef Greene is cooking a private dinner for us this Friday night (she's for hire, if you live in the Bay Area)!!

    Monday, November 26, 2012

    Farm to Table Lunch Santa Cruz, CA


    Personal Chef Santa Cruz

    Personal Chef Assessment Interview: Chef Breana will provide an initial assessment interview to every new client. We will use this interview to understand the clients food preferences, allergies, and any diet restrictions.This interview will be conducted through e-mail. You will fill out the question form on the site , under question at the bottom of the page and email to Breana. Root foods will send you an email confromation and save your information on file.

    Personal Chef Menu Planning: Chef Breana will customaize a menu to fit your needs. We will come up with a list of foods, new ideas and some old favorites. Breana will contact you each time before cooking at your house to review the menu with you.

    Personal Chef Shoping: Your personal chef will also be your personal shopper for groceries and supplies. Chef Breana will pick up fresh produce at the local farmers market or grocerie store of your choice, while saving you time.

    Personal Chef Home Cooking: Breana will prepare all the meals in your home, pack them up to store or leave on the stove or in the oven to keep warm. Your kitchen will be left just as clean as when she arrived, leaving behind only lovley homecooked meals.