Personal Chef Breana Greene Santa Cruz, CA

Breana Greene is a personal chef working in the Santa Cuz area. Breana has been cooking professionally for almost 8 years. She has been trained in the field of culinary arts and hospility management. Personal Chef Breana has a wide range of experience's that enhance her passion for cooking. From Raw food retreats to biodynamic farms, and everywhere in between. We believe in a true farm to table philosophy. If you are looking for a Personal Chef in the Santa Cruz area, give Breana a call today! Contact Breana.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Farm to Table Lunch Santa Cruz, CA


Personal Chef Santa Cruz

Personal Chef Assessment Interview: Chef Breana will provide an initial assessment interview to every new client. We will use this interview to understand the clients food preferences, allergies, and any diet restrictions.This interview will be conducted through e-mail. You will fill out the question form on the site , under question at the bottom of the page and email to Breana. Root foods will send you an email confromation and save your information on file.

Personal Chef Menu Planning: Chef Breana will customaize a menu to fit your needs. We will come up with a list of foods, new ideas and some old favorites. Breana will contact you each time before cooking at your house to review the menu with you.

Personal Chef Shoping: Your personal chef will also be your personal shopper for groceries and supplies. Chef Breana will pick up fresh produce at the local farmers market or grocerie store of your choice, while saving you time.

Personal Chef Home Cooking: Breana will prepare all the meals in your home, pack them up to store or leave on the stove or in the oven to keep warm. Your kitchen will be left just as clean as when she arrived, leaving behind only lovley homecooked meals.